Improve Your Skin’s Appearance with Evexia Medspa’s New VI Peel Service

Improve Your Skin’s Appearance with Evexia Medspa’s New VI Peel Service

Who doesn’t want to have a flawless, perfect face? The lucky few with good genes may not have to worry about it. But the rest who struggle with wrinkles, fine lines, and acne must work a little harder.

At Evexia Medspa, we understand the struggle of finding the perfect solution for whatever facial issue you may have. That’s why we have introduced a new service: VI Peel. The new service will improve our chemical peel skin treatment to ensure you have a shinier glow.

Read on for more details about this new service.

What Is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses an acidic solution to improve the skin’s appearance. This cosmetic treatment can help to rejuvenate the skin on your face, neck, or hands. 

During the procedure, a chemical solution is applied to the skin. This will cause the outer layer of skin to peel off, revealing the new, younger-looking skin underneath.

What’s a VI Peel?

A VI Peel is a medical-grade chemical peel approved by plastic surgeons, nurses, and estheticians worldwide. It targets aging, acne, and pigmentation issues on the skin.

VI Peel boasts a robust mix of ingredients, such as salicylic acid, that suit all skin types. The peel can improve your skin’s clarity, texture, and tone. It also provides anti-aging benefits by making your skin tight, smooth, and bright.

The Benefits of a VI Peel

VI Peel has various benefits that give you the flawless skin you’ve always wanted. These include:

● Safe for all skin types

● Medium depth peel

● Results within a week

● Improved skin complexion

How VI Peel Works

VI penetrates the skin through the dermal-epidermal junction to reach the papillary dermis. Usually, melanin creates skin pigment that dwells within the skin cells. In the case of melanin overproduction, your skin will have spots or hyperpigmentation.

VI lifts and exfoliates these skin cells, allowing the body to produce new cells. The cells are less pigmented and healthier. The exfoliation process also smooths the skin’s surface, improving your skin’s texture and eliminating wrinkles and fine lines.

What to Expect During VI Peel Treatment

During the initial appointment, the practitioner will evaluate your skin needs. They may ask you to describe your face in terms of whether it’s oily, dehydrated, a combination of both, or well-balanced. They may ask you about the reason you are seeking VI Peel treatment.

After the assessment, the practitioner will apply one of VI Peel’s formula options. This painless procedure involves using sweeping strokes to apply a liquid to your skin via a gauze. The practitioner will give time for your skin to absorb the liquid formula while assessing your skin. 

The practitioner will give you a take-home kit containing post-treatment instructions and the skin care products. You will notice flaking of the post-peel by the second day and peeling within three to five days. The peeling will ease during the 6th day and stop on the 7th day to reveal glowing skin.

Schedule a VI Peel Treatment Appointment at Evexia Medspa

Evexia Medspa has experience administering world-class chemical peel treatments to patients. Our skilled providers always go the extra mile to ensure you have the best experience and exceed your expectations.

We offer VI Peel treatments to address all pigmentation concerns, alleviate acne, and remove sun damage. Book an appointment today to get started on your journey to flawless skin.


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Loved the service! From the time you walk in they are all very friendly and make you feel comfortable. Kathy is reliable, completely professional and cares about her customers. My skin has never felt better. I will continue to come for many other services.

I have been to many high end spas in the DMV and I understand the importance of knowledge and experienced staff. With that said, Evexia Medspa was excellent in both. Welcoming staff in a great atmosphere, will def be coming back!!

The salon was beautiful.  The service was right on time.  They were very accommodating.  I loved the technicians that worked on me.  They were very professional and very kind.  I especially loved the results.  I highly recommend them!

Absolutely fabulous. The ladies working there were very sweet and attentive, and my facial with Kathy was fantastic. She is amazing! They also have outstanding facial products. 150% recommend if you want to treat yourself to great spa services!