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PRP Hair Restoration

Get Natural, Long-Lasting Hair Restoration

What is PRP Hair Restoration

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Worried about thinning hair? Hair loss is a common problem for millions of men and women around the world, including those in McLean, VA. It’s usually caused by different factors like hormonal imbalance, stress, medical conditions, genes, medications, and more. Although most cases of hair loss are harmless, they can lead to low self-esteem and psychological distress.

At Evexia Med Spa, we offer PRP hair restoration, a safe non-surgical alternative that produces almost the same results as a surgical hair transplant. Our procedure involves drawing a blood sample from the patient, separating the platelet-rich plasma layer, and injecting the PRP into the problem areas of the scalp. PRP contains growth factors that help the follicles grow thicker and longer hair shafts.

Start regrowing your hair and confidence with our non-surgical PRP hair restoration treatments in McLean, VA today.

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PRP Hair Restoration Benefits

PRP Hair Restoration Near Me in McLean, VA

Achieve full, vibrant hair with PRP Hair Restoration at Evexia Med Spa. Our professional services provide natural results that will last. Enjoy thicker, fuller hair with increased volume and coverage for a more youthful appearance. Take advantage of this innovative solution and get the look you desire with safe, long-lasting results from PRP Hair Restoration.

Safe and natural results with no invasive surgery

Increased volume and coverage for a fuller, more youthful look

Long-lasting results that won’t require constant maintenance

Visible improvement within weeks of the treatment

Affordable alternative to other treatments

No recovery time needed after the procedure

Learn More About PRP Hair Restoration

Enjoy an improved, fuller hairline with increased coverage for a youthful appearance.

At Evexia Medspa in McLean, VA, our staff utilizes the latest PRP treatments and medical-grade tools to ensure your comfort and safety during the procedure. We are committed to helping you feel more beautiful and comfortable in your own appearance every time you walk out of our clinic. That’s why we offer non-surgical hair restoration treatments that produce long-lasting results. Find out if you’re a good candidate for PRP hair restoration today by consulting with some of the best hair and PRP experts in the state, right here at Evexia Medspa in McLean, VA.

Other Hair Restoration Options: Nutrafol®

Nutrafol Near Me in McLean, VA

In addition to PRP Hair Restoration, we also offer Nutrafol, a clinically-proven supplement for hair restoration, available for purchase at our office in McLean, VA. Nutrafol is physician-formulated to help you achieve visibly thicker and faster-growing hair. It multi-targets the root causes of thinning hair from within.

To learn more about Nutrafol or PRP Hair Restoration, schedule an appointment today!

PRP Hair Restoration: Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost?

The cost for PRP Hair Restoration varies from patient to patient. At Evexia Med Spa, our staff will create a custom treatment plan that’s suitable for your budget and goals. Contact us for a personalized consultation and pricing information.

What is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration refers to the process of regrowing and restoring hair in individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning. PRP hair restoration is a non-surgical treatment that involves using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth.

How Does Hair Restoration Work?

PRP hair restoration works by utilizing the growth factors present in platelet-rich plasma. A small blood sample is taken from the patient and processed to separate the platelet-rich plasma. The PRP is then injected into the problem areas of the scalp, where it helps stimulate the follicles and promote the growth of thicker and longer hair shafts.

How Much Blood is Needed for PRP Hair Restoration?

The amount of PRP needed may vary based on the number of areas requiring injection by your provider. The maximum blood volume typically drawn for PRP treatments is 60 mL. Considering that 11 mL of blood can yield up to 4 mL of PRP, obtaining the maximum 60 mL can generate approximately 20 mL of PRP. However, the quantity of blood drawn may be adjusted depending on the extent of your hair loss.

How Long Can You Go Between PRP Shots for Hair Restoration?

For most people with thinning hair, we recommend starting with 4 PRP treatments, four weeks apart, as an initial treatment for the best results. Afterward, maintenance treatments are typically needed every one to two years to maintain the results of your PRP hair regeneration treatment.

Who is a Candidate for PRP for Hair Restoration?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is best suited for individuals with male and female pattern baldness, who still have some hair, although it may be thinning. Catching hair loss or thinning early generally yields the best results with PRP therapy. The suitability of PRP treatment depends on the regular or average amount of platelets in the patient’s blood. Consult with our hair and PRP experts at Evexia Med Spa to determine if you are a good candidate for PRP hair restoration.

PRP Hair Restoration at Evexia Medspa

PRP Hair Restoration
PRP Hair Restoration
PRP Hair Restoration


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The salon was beautiful. The service was right on time. They were very accommodating. I loved the technicians that worked on me. They were very professional and very kind. I especially loved the results. I highly recommend them!

I have been to many high end spas in the DMV and I understand the importance of knowledge and experienced staff. With that said, Evexia Medspa was excellent in both. Welcoming staff in a great atmosphere, will def be coming back!!

Evexia Med Spa provides an exceptional experience! From the serene ambiance (literally smells dreamy when you walk in), to the skilled professionals, every aspect exceeds my expectations. The treatments are so effective (for me, life changing), and the staff is always 10-out-of-10 friendly, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Evexia Med Spa for anyone seeking top-notch support in their weight loss and wellness journey.

I’ve finally found my new Medspa! Relocated to the area and was super apprehensive about finding new injectors that I trusted… Kate was amazing..! So patient and listened to all my wants and questions. The staff is super friendly and the Medspa is very clean/ up to date. Will be referring everyone I know!

Amazing experience! Kate walked me through everything and made my first filler experience super easy and enjoyable. I will be coming back!

Evexia has been a wonderful resource with regards to information about semaglutide! They offer multiple options and can hold your hand the whole way through. They also have other aesthetic services and carry some of the best products including ZO skincare!