Medspa Services For Men: Start Loving Your Body with Help from Evexia Medspa

Medspa Services For Men: Start Loving Your Body with Help from Evexia Medspa

Whether it’s fat loss, muscle toning, body sculpting, or hair restoration, Evexia Medspa is your #1 destination for medspa services for men in McLean, VA. Trust our professionals with decades of experience to put together a personalized treatment plan based on your unique challenges and desires.

BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) for Men

As men age, they undergo a natural process called andropause—the male equivalent of menopause. During andropause, men in McLean, VA may notice their testosterone and estrogen levels begin to decline. This decline may lead to physical symptoms, such as a lack of muscle mass and lack of motivation to work out, or mental ones, such as hard-to-explain mood swings or irritability.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a completely natural therapy process that counteracts the effects of andropause and keeps you looking and feeling your best, regardless of your age. Trust the professionals at Evexia Medspa to put together a highly effective BHRT treatment plan in McLean, VA for you today.


EMSCULPT NEO uses high-intensity electromagnetic pulses (HIFEM) to eliminate excess body fat and promote muscle growth at the same time. The procedure is completely non-invasive and can get you looking your best for anything from a business conference to the beach. During a single treatment, muscles are tensed and contracted more than 20,000 times, leading to noticeable results quickly.

Hair Restoration for Men

You don’t have to settle for hair loss—trust the hair restoration experts in Mclean, VA to put together a treatment plan for your unique pattern of hair loss today. Our professionals will take care of everything from start to finish—all you need to do is show up! We’ve helped hundreds of men just like you regrow their hair and regain their confidence with the natural, and safe treatment called PRP Hair Restoration. This treatment uses naturally occurring plasma in your blood to stimulate hair growth for longer, healthier hair. 

Styku® 3D Body Scan for Men

Getting fit? Want to know everything about your fitness progress? Taking pictures in the mirror is one way to do it—Styku is another. Styku is a state-of-the-art body scan that tells you everything you need to know about your body, including how effective your training is and where you store the most fat. After a Styku body scan in McLean, VA, men can workout smarter, not harder, to achieve their dream bodies as quickly as possible.

Semaglutide Weight Loss for Men

Find yourself constantly breaking your diet due to hunger? Feeling like you’re your own worst enemy? Get hunger under control with Semaglutide in McLean, VA. Semaglutide is a proprietary treatment that uses completely natural hormones to suppress unwanted hunger cravings to keep you on track toward your goal weight and dream body. It’s safe and effective, and FDA-approved!

Fat Freezing for Men

Fat Freezing makes use of low temperatures to destroy stubborn fat cells in any area around your body. Along with providing real results, especially in problem areas like love handles, fat freezing works permanently—because once the cells are destroyed, they don’t return. Evexia Medspa is the #1 provider of fat freezing in McLean, VA.

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Your dream health and wellness is just around the corner—men can book their appointment at Evexia Medspa online or call 571-554-2691 to get started today.


What Our client says

The salon was beautiful. The service was right on time. They were very accommodating. I loved the technicians that worked on me. They were very professional and very kind. I especially loved the results. I highly recommend them!

I have been to many high end spas in the DMV and I understand the importance of knowledge and experienced staff. With that said, Evexia Medspa was excellent in both. Welcoming staff in a great atmosphere, will def be coming back!!

Evexia Med Spa provides an exceptional experience! From the serene ambiance (literally smells dreamy when you walk in), to the skilled professionals, every aspect exceeds my expectations. The treatments are so effective (for me, life changing), and the staff is always 10-out-of-10 friendly, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Evexia Med Spa for anyone seeking top-notch support in their weight loss and wellness journey.

I’ve finally found my new Medspa! Relocated to the area and was super apprehensive about finding new injectors that I trusted… Kate was amazing..! So patient and listened to all my wants and questions. The staff is super friendly and the Medspa is very clean/ up to date. Will be referring everyone I know!

Amazing experience! Kate walked me through everything and made my first filler experience super easy and enjoyable. I will be coming back!

Evexia has been a wonderful resource with regards to information about semaglutide! They offer multiple options and can hold your hand the whole way through. They also have other aesthetic services and carry some of the best products including ZO skincare!