Rejuvenate Your Skin This Fall with Evexia Medspa

Rejuvenate Your Skin This Fall with Evexia Medspa

Skin Rejuvenation in the Fall

This fall, why not embrace your skin? Skin rejuvenation after a long, hot summer could be exactly what you need to give your skin the ability to heal. There are a number of fall treatments that could be exactly what you need.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Treatments

Laser and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments are an exceptional tool to help with the removal of skin discoloration. It can also help you through tightening up some of the sagging skin you develop. It’s not uncommon during the summer months to develop sun spots, but treatment through IPL can create significant improvement with a non-invasive laser treatment ideal for skin tightening, too.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel could be an excellent option to help with giving your skin a like-new look. It is a type of resurfacing of the skin that removes the outermost layer of skin, allowing it to be replaced with new, younger, healthy skin. Chemical peels are ideal for removing damaged skin from the sun and restoring a more youthful look.


For skin tightening, consider the use of Morpheus8. It works as an anti-aging treatment to address some of the fine lines and wrinkles you have. If your skin is sagging or you are noticing it does not have the youthful fullness it used to, this type of treatment can provide significant help to you. Using this method could help you see results that last a year or longer.


Botox® now can help you look your best in the months to come. Botox works to paralyze the muscles in various areas of your face by blocking nerve contraction. In doing this, it’s possible to relax the wrinkles you have around your face, including deep set wrinkles around your mouth, those near your forehead, and in other areas.


For many people, the use of a filler could give you back some of your youthful look. Fillers are a type of injectable material that’s placed into very specific areas. It lasts for a long time. When there, your technician can help to move the filler into the ideal location, helping to fill in those areas and create better skin contouring. If your skin is lacking collagen due to the natural aging process, this type of treatment could be an excellent choice.

Do You Need Skin Rejuvenation Treatments This Autumn?

Now is the perfect time to stop in to get some help. Whether you need hyaluronic acid to help improve your skin’s moisture and reduce fine lines or it is time to consider resurfacing, now is the time to come in for care. That includes microneedling to rejuvenate areas where your skin may not look as full and beautiful as it used to. After a long summer, perhaps without the best skin regimen, getting treatment now before autumn gets too far underway is ideal.

Where can I find rejuvenation services near me? Evexia Medspa can help you. As the fall months approach, take the time now to contact Evexia to get started. Contact us now to learn how we can help you.


What Our client says

Loved the service! From the time you walk in they are all very friendly and make you feel comfortable. Kathy is reliable, completely professional and cares about her customers. My skin has never felt better. I will continue to come for many other services.

I have been to many high end spas in the DMV and I understand the importance of knowledge and experienced staff. With that said, Evexia Medspa was excellent in both. Welcoming staff in a great atmosphere, will def be coming back!!

The salon was beautiful.  The service was right on time.  They were very accommodating.  I loved the technicians that worked on me.  They were very professional and very kind.  I especially loved the results.  I highly recommend them!

Absolutely fabulous. The ladies working there were very sweet and attentive, and my facial with Kathy was fantastic. She is amazing! They also have outstanding facial products. 150% recommend if you want to treat yourself to great spa services!